This document apprises you on the Anti-Spam Policy, hereinafter referred to as the, “Policy”, set up by Green Tree Technology LTD, in connection with internet marketing. The revocation of the membership and closure of any active account shall be in order upon assessment that the you have violated the terms and conditions set forth in this policy.

The company adopts a strict, stringent and zero-tolerance policy against spamming. The sending of a mass of unsolicited E-mails, or any other unsolicited Emails of whatever nature and kind of respect to the marketing of our product, services or programs.

If for cause, it is determined that you have violated the terms and conditions of this policy, we have the reserved right to terminated your participation in our program including the reserved right to terminate your account in that regard. If warranted by the complaint or evidence submitted as support of any report, investigation or complaint that your are in any way engaged in any spamming activities, pending the review of the same, we shall also have the reserved right to suspend, for the time being, your account and your participation in the program, until such time that due determination of the weight of the complaint and evidence is passed upon.

For the purpose of this policy, “spam” shall refer to any unsolicited electronic commercial messages. This further means any activity wherein you transmit, whether directly or indirectly, E-mails messages to any E-mail address who does not solicit from you the said transmitted E-mail message, neither consent to such transmission. Advertisements that are posted in messages boards or chat rooms, which is specifically prohibited by its terms and conditions, shall also be considered as a spamming activity.

If you have been “spammed” or have suspected any spamming activity, please contact us immediately at , so we can make the proper investigation.